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Do you or your children have an interest in learning Chinese? Does your child have an interest in learning art and becoming a young artist? If the answer is yes, then you have found the best school to achieve these goals.

 JiaoYing Chinese School has all age levels of Chinese and art classes. We specialize in teaching mandarin phonetics (pinyin) and simplified Chinese character reading and writing.

We have 1-7 levels of Chinese for you to select. We offer a beginners class for children who have very little or no training in Chinese. Many children have learned their first Chinese character at our school. Our professional team of native Chinese, bilingual speakers and experience teachers will make your study a enjoyable and pleasant process in learning the language.

Our school is very famous in art teaching. Every year, many students get awards from levels and all kinds of art competitions. Principal Jiao Ying is a senior education specialist herself. She was honored as Outstanding Teacher by US Children Art Center and Oregon Humane Society. She received the 21st Century Art Contribution Award from the US Asian Pacific Art Academy. In addition, the China State Council honored her as the most Outstanding Overseas Teacher. We also provide other classes: Chinese Martail Art, Chinese Go, Dance, and SAT II Chinese. Our student got perfect grades from this class.  

We welcome you to join us and start your enjoyable study of Chinese and art. Please register as soon as possible.

本校建校19年, 信誉高,师资强。每年均有多名学生获得世界级国家级以及州级市
级绘画比赛大奖。 SATII中文考试取得满分, 多位学生获得世界少年中文作文奖。
欢迎大家加入我校, 尽快办理注册手续。

2014年联邦政府青少年鸭子邮票设计比赛全州最高奖和一,二,三等奖和焦莹老师 Best of show,First,second,and third Duck Stamp Art contest winners

Best of Show: Jordan Lei, Age 15 Teacher Jiao Ying and Jordan

2011年 全美青少年鸭子邮票设计比赛俄勒冈洲最高奖获得者李悠(左1)13岁。 62nd Annual Oregon Humane Society's Be Kind to Animal 俄勒冈1-12年级广告设计比赛 最高奖获得者 刘马莉莎 14岁(右1)


2016 少年鸭子邮票比赛和俄勒冈州保护动物比赛获奖者 2016 Junior Duck Stamp and Oregon Humane Society Contests

2016 国际青少年美丽世界艺术大奖赛 2016 International Junior Wonderful World Art Contest

2016 学校夏季画展 2016 School Summer Art Show

2015 美国少年鸭子邮票比赛获奖者 USA Junior Duck Stamp Contest Winners

2015 学校画展 2015 School Art Show

2014学校画展 2014 School Art Show

2014国际福利基金会比赛获奖者 IFAW Art Contest Winners

2014 OR Humane Society Poster Art Contest Winners

2014美国少年鸭子邮票比赛获奖者 USA Junior Duck Stamp Contest Winners



2013 Humane Society Poster Contest Winners

2012 Humane Society Poster Contest Winners


2010-Artwork of Students Again Collected by the World Children Art Museum 2010-焦莹学校小画家绘画作品再次被选入纽约世界儿童美术馆

36 Students Won Various Art Prize-Sumary of School Year焦莹学校三十六名学生在各级比赛获奖

Mathmatics Program Starts at Fall Term 数学辅导课程秋季开始

Artwork of Students Collected by the World Children Art Museum 世界儿童艺术美术馆收藏本校三位学生作品

Branch School Registration 分校注册

After School Program课后辅导班

Summer Camp News夏令营新闻

Former Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Li Zhaoxing Gave Autobiography to Principal Jiao Ying 前中国外交部长李肇星赠自传给焦莹校长

2009 Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest 鸭子邮票艺术奖

Summer Camp暑期课程

Principal Jiao Ying got Youth Art Education Teacher Achievement Award 焦莹校长获儿童美学教育成就奖

Halloween Party 万圣节活动

Notice of Parents Club Activities 家长俱乐部活动