In order to enjoy and make good use of parents' waiting time at school, we formed a parents club and organized all kinds of activities. Parents can play all kinds of ball games, chess games, yoga, taichi and other activities. You will make your waiting time most enjoyable here while your kids are at class. We encourage all the parents take active part in these activities. 

If you are interested in ball games, please contact Yongyan Wang: 503-593-0582 or

If you are interested in yoga and taichi, please contact Kristy: 503-880-8066 or

If you are interested in go and chess games, please contact Chen Liu: 503-946-3394 or

为了充分利用家长们在校等孩子的时间和丰富大家的生活,我们为家长们组织球类, 棋类, 健美及其他
  活动. 希望大家与下列组织者联系,踊跃参加活动。 请组织者与有兴趣者筹划安排活动:

1.球类活动:王永岩  503-593-0582

2.负责健美的家长是:Kristy   503-880-8066

3.军旗,围棋,象棋等棋类活动:刘臣 503-946-3394