中文 Chinese Language Program 

The objects of all Chinese language courses is to help students develop communication competence and proficiency in understanding pronouncing, speaking, reading and writing the Chinese language. Materials and activities are carefully selected to involve active student participation in the language and to stimulate personal growth in linguistic and cultural sense and awareness.

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For lower level course,  Emphasis is placed on understanding simple elements of design (line, form, color, texture, symmetry, etc.).

Intermediate course offers a wide variety of media such as pencil, oil pastel, water colors, and ink, and provides an atmosphere that encourages the full realization of each individual's potential.

Advanced course encourages kids with broader, working knowledge of many materials and techniques to have a confidence in their own self-expression and ability level.

舞蹈 Chinese Dance Program

we offers dance classes from beginning level through intermediate level to advanced level for kids. Our courses emphasize dance alignment, principle of movement, development of individual dance skills. The study of dance develops physical growth and enrichment and supports lifelong learning.

武术 Chinese Martial Art Program  

Our martial art class teaches basic poise, punches, kicks and coordination. it helps students to develop confidence, self-esteem, and courage while stressing discipline, physical fitness and personal safety.